About Chef Roger

I created this blog to share recipes, experiences and answer questions.  The recipes and advice are a collection that I have curated while eating and cooking my way through life.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills so that you may become a confident cook too!

Happy Cooking

Chef Roger

6 thoughts on “About Chef Roger

  1. Chef Roger, it was a pleasure meeting and talking with you Monday evening. I was looking for the sweet potato casserole receipe and also can you give me the key lime on a stick. It looks so good.
    Thank you
    Fran Flanigan


      1. Hi Chef Roger, I have been looking everyday for for the sweet potato casserole recipe you told me about. Will I be able to find it today? I hope so!
        Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
        Fran Flanigan


    1. Hi Fran, sorry about the delay but, as you can imagine, Thanksgiving in Chef Roger’s Kitchen is quite a production! I posted two versions of the recipe. Take a look!

      Happy Thanksgiving!
      Chef Roger


  2. Hi Chef Roger, I attended the Williams Sonoma class on crepes and I’ve been reading reviews about the De Buyer crepe pan and how hard it is to season it correctly and get it to be truly non-stick. I was hoping you could share how you seasoned it that day since I was roaming the store while you seasoned it. Thank you in advance!



    1. Hi Judy, Thanks for coming to my class! The De Buyer crepe pan that I used in class was not seasoned. I unwrapped and used it the first time that morning. It performed ok but the pan should be seasoned. The instructions on the pan indicate oiling the pan and baking it. I did a little research and came across a wonderful article about seasoning cast iron pans. The metal of the crepe pan is steel but the process is the same. The woman who researched and wrote the article, Sheryl Canter, makes a compelling argument for using Organic Flaxseed oil to season metal. The process is time consuming but well worth the effort. Let me know how it goes! Check out this link http://sherylcanter.com/wordpress/2010/01/a-science-based-technique-for-seasoning-cast-iron/

      Chef Roger


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