Lemon Curd

This past Sunday we were making crepes at Williams-Sonoma.  We had the opportunity to taste some of the best new products to hit the shelves for spring!  The Passion Fruit Curd and Blood Orange Curd was absolutely delicious!  I ran out of time before I could make my lemon curd for you.  The recipe I am presenting here was introduced to me at The Ryland Inn during the Chef Craig Shelton era.  I have been adapting the recipe to prepare it in the Vitamix.  As soon as I perfect the recipe, I will present the Vitamix procedure as well.  IN the mean time, here is the old-fashioned method.  The Chinois is mighty helpful here to strain out any cooked egg that may creep into your curd.

Advice:  NEVER stop mixing!  Careful when you add sugar to the eggs.  You must keep beating so that you don’t get scrambled eggs!

Lemon Curd

Courtesy of The Ryland Inn – under the supervision of Chef Craig Shelton


Lemon Juice 12 fl oz
Lemon Zest 8 each
Eggs 8 each
Sugar 12 oz
Butter 8 oz
Vanilla Bean 1 each


  1. Mix Lemon Juice, Eggs, and Sugar
  2. Cook over water bath until thick.
  3. Strain through chinois
  4. Add Lemon Zest & Vanilla
  5. Put over water bath and add butter
  6. Cook until thick
  7. Chill